Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Child (I)n Mom

Deafening screams of her core
Diminishing the squeals of her youngster;
Somewhere into the noises of present,
Seeped through the voices of past.

Little did she know that
Innocent smiles of long ago
In-deed made times glow.
Aimlessly drifting kite...
Amusingly gliding paper-boat...
Strangely satisfying to quote.

Building her own maze &
Dwelling in her joyous days,
Ain't they self-same?
Eyes shut at this juncture,
A quick gaze at herself clasping mother,
She keeps patting her snuggling toddler.

Amidst the bustling now & rustling then,
In-between the toing & froing sun,
Back & forth, she bounced
Between mothering & being mothered.


Unknown said...

Very true and love the wording and the rhymings :-)

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