Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A glimpse of my weekend

Besides all the pettifogging with loved ones, amidst trying to organise myself or unravel the purpose of my life yet again, being surrounded all over by the household clumsiness, beginning of my weekend was no less than a big-time mess up.

There was just no staying power in me to set things right on that sluggish Saturday morning.
Pointlessly staring at my phone which did not beep as per my wish anyway, I somehow bumped into the talented humour buff Mr. Alexander, an Indian stand-up comedian. This guy cracked me up and transformed my then hopelessly torpid state at once.
'Trichur brother's Music, Matar paneer, Alex's humour and some quality family time'  - I am happy.
Revived and reminded to explore my 'half-forgotten' abilities or at least resume my not so long ago routine. 


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