Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Birthday BROTHER-in-law

What is it like to have one hell of a Bro-In-Law?
How grateful would you be if your B-I-L plays prank on you like a friend while there is also an eternal invisible 'mother-son' bonding you both share!
What a terrific feeling it is to have a great human being alongside, always!

So it is all that I am overwhelmed with right now, which made me want to write about this wonderful person in my life - Sunil [CA in progress B-)]

Often we meet people who are so engrossed in everyday chaos; most of them are lost with the wind. Sometimes, we acquaint people who seem inspiring and are passionate about making a difference in their own lives. But rarely do we meet someone like him, who makes an impact in everyone's life every passing day; making you feel good about yourself. He is someone who gets a good bunch of friends wherever he goes; though this is no surprise - having him around is always fun and the time spent with him is ever worthwhile!

For a newly-wed I was, before almost a year, I remember how nervous and emotional I was when my parents left me alone after marriage in a house filled with new people, speaking different language, curiously gazing and trying to have a conversation with me believing it would ease my discomfort but ending up making me cry. Of course, Mr. Husband's shoulders were a rescue that gave me slight relief.

But then came this person with his comforting smile and all cool gesture towards me - the new comer in the family, obviously making a huge difference from Day 1 till now & forever. I was in deed unaware that the hours of laughter we shared over actually nothing significant would then become great memories to muse over, growing the warmth of our beautiful relationship.
And, it would not be nice of me not to mention about his ridiculously disastrous horror short-film 'IS IT' which never fails to make me LOL when I think of. :D Today I am here, suddenly realizing how 'empty' it would have been without this sweet little idiot in my family who can be nuts as well as make complete sense!

God bless this great boy/man - Well, he behaves like both; sometimes like a perfect gentleman,
sometimes like a hopeless god forsaken kiddo who just forgot to grow up! :P

Happy Birthday! :) Long live! :)

A note about my 'at-times annoying' B-I-L:

This person can be so 'amazing' that he can make all his friends send along their lovely wishes to me with their sweet 'Akka! Akka!' calls on my birthday, just to make me feel special.
He is also the same person who 'forgets my birthday' the next year! [It is not forgiven yet! :X]

Well, that is my interestingly cool B-I-L. B-)

B-I-L : Brother-In-Law
LOL  : Laugh Out Loud
CA    : Chartered Accountant


Sunil said...

Huh !!! First time ever someone posted something abu me on a blog !! a kutti Sunil’s characterization .
I don’t deserve what all u said I guess .. anyway lies on bday is acceptable :P
Don’t ever comment on ma short film :D enuf is enuf :P Part 2 la pathukulam :D
We are lucky to have u in our family !! This piece of line I kept saying to everyone from the day they came to know abu the Raja Rani story ;) <3

P.S: Wait for ur bday gift !! coming soonn :P

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

"....aur Raja ka bhai pagal ho gaya"
Ultimate ! :D

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Words were straight from the heart. No exaggeration required @Sunil.

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