Friday, May 27, 2016


Bold is Beautiful.

Impeccable lips adorned by her doubtless smile, unfaltering can-do attitude coupled with her fearless stance on just anything never failed to draw my interest. Her interestingly cool poise and the astute twinkle of her eyes deserve special mention. She left no stone unturned to rise above the conventional criterion of a homemaker those days.

My already inquisitive mind got even fussier when she said "My kids had always been the purpose of my life as much as my own self to me. A successful woman devotes herself willingly, strives to raise her family's standard despite outperforming herself everyday by working relentlessly on her small and big goals of life. 
Learning the intricacies of cooking and other household work is of vital importance for a woman, especially post marriage. But child, life is much bigger than just that, only if you have the will to behold it. Sacrifice is a woman's innate trait; even so, I always ensured to keep myself hale and hearty for the welfare of my family." 

Meanwhile I am here contemplating if only the 'italicised' above were true and not antithetical! 

In reality, Everything scares her. Everything! 
A cooker, lift, mobile phone, the new door latch, sleeping alone, stepping out on her own, speech, silence, just everything! Sadly, ignorance is not always bliss. It is pitiable. 
How come a person had been reluctant to introspect, throughout her life! How can someone always repel growth! With every passing day I only realise that her 'scary' list is never-ending; the reason being her deep-rooted profound sense of fear. More's the pity, it was fostered by her own parents rather than sowing fortitude and determination in the child's mind.  

Fear confines, driving away possibilities;
Fear beclouds vision, thwarting progress;
Fear paralyses, freezing calibre;
Fear destroys -
Unless you learn to deal with it.

Fear perishes at the onset of courage. Face it and we shall evolve!


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