Friday, January 8, 2016

Because dream & reality are different!

He is not that tall.
He is not organized.
He doesn't speak Hindi.
He isn't very outgoing.
Most of all, He gets cold feet when I utter 'Dance'.

He is not anything I dreamed of!  

His perception of love, even that of living, is so disparate - conflicting with my elaborate outlook that is confined to the shallow bounds in my mind.
His thoughts are so prudently concealed that my human mind cannot perceive.

He is nowhere near my fantasy.

In my mind, I always thought that very sight of Him would captivate me every minute.
In reality, the way His profound eyes so graciously reflect my passion makes me actually see myself when I see Him. I fall in love with myself every time I see Him.

He is definitely not what I wanted.

He is what I needed - what every girl deserves - a bundle of love wrapped with Motherhood.
And I am the lucky one to have this supernatural lover - an unremitting drizzle of blessing showered upon me

My Husband is certainly not my dream guy, but my reality, surpassing my naive imagination.
Lots of love!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Perhaps a pain of stillness - or a pilot for patience;
Perhaps a struggle with fear - or a sign of strength;
Perhaps a wilt of hope - or a sight of future.
Hold on, to move on!

Only a few miles to stride,
Until you rise -
Unless you cease.

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