Sunday, August 25, 2013

A rift with mom

It was a rift with you, mom

A rift ..
That strangled me to suffocation;
The numb vibes refusing to abandon me -
Drove me to my ultimatum with a heavy blow!

Do I love you any less than yesterday?
Do you think my piety vanished?
You are wrong, with all due respect.

Disparaged Rationale no more vital;
Emotions unwilling to trace back;
Actuality reluctant to awake;
Dead words buried so deep.

Is sensitivity a long lost past?
Alone, into a musical melancholy,
Devoid of you, ma shrine,

Where can I seek my salvation?


V.K.Natarajan said...

Lovely poem, you can take refuge only with Mother what ever may be the misunderstandings.

In para two, the word PIETY (Noun) will be apt. not"Pious" which is an adjective.


Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot uncle.
Changes done:)

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