Sunday, April 7, 2013

STOP BLAMING, Mr. High-class!

Mr. High-class was a dark, mid-aged, half-bald, obtusely bigoted man with at most rage against the security guard who prohibited him from parking his car outside the parlor OR the parlor owner who did not avow how 'influential' he was OR the country which failed to operate as systematically as the countries he had been to OR the society which was just not as sophisticated as the ones he had lived in OR what ever. Mr. High-class was way too clever by half to possess clarity.

The beauty parlour was all quiet and perfectly functioning on a fine Sunday, until he came. 

Then entered Mr. High-class, yelling at the top range of his voice.
"#&$*(+%^(@!#+~ How dare he not let me park my car (in the 'No Parking' zone)? #&$*(+%^(@!#+~  What kind of a trashy country is this?!  #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ I have stayed in ******* (other country) for 25 years (so?!) This country is absolutely useless. (of course! What more can be expected when it has meticulous people like you?! ) #&$*(+%^(@!#+~  #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ " and it continued.   
All that he could say was this country had been good-for-nothing, repeating himself. 
  • I was jolted at how civilised Mr. High-class from the 'sophisticated' society should have been, that he thought he made complete sense in spite of being totally moronic and making a fool of himself in public!
  • He did not project himself any higher by censuring the country, the people around, the system or for that matter the entire society. 
  • How duty bound was he as a citizen of the country that brought him up, let alone the country was being as hopeless as he mentioned? 
  • Ok, considering his viewpoint on the country and agreeing the country lacks a powerful system, isn't it also agreeable that he did not possess the authority to abuse the country that is striving to get better everyday, despite some anti-social elements like him?
  • What he was actually passing to people around was nothing but 'his own' nonsensical notions.
  • " 'Individual Responsibility' - *Appdina enna nu theriyuma? Do you have any idea how you make the kids around you think? " I was all set to fire back at him.
I, however, backed off at this thought "What if there are many other passive versions of 'Mr. High-class' around?!" 


*Swear words are replaced by #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ 
*Appdina ennanu theriyuma - Do you know what it means?


Aiswarya Baskaran said...

" 'Individual Responsibility' - *Appdina enna nu theriyuma?

Wonderful and important question !

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