Thursday, November 28, 2013

LIFE - Keep it simple!

Love with all your heart and you shall be cherished;
Teach with all your goodwill and you shall be upskilled;
Help with all your grace and you shall be blessed
Thank with all your reverence and you shall be dignified.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A rift with mom

It was a rift with you, mom

A rift ..
That strangled me to suffocation;
The numb vibes refusing to abandon me -
Drove me to my ultimatum with a heavy blow!

Do I love you any less than yesterday?
Do you think my piety vanished?
You are wrong, with all due respect.

Disparaged Rationale no more vital;
Emotions unwilling to trace back;
Actuality reluctant to awake;
Dead words buried so deep.

Is sensitivity a long lost past?
Alone, into a musical melancholy,
Devoid of you, ma shrine,

Where can I seek my salvation?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Numb and Dead!

Some surmise they care;
Some disguise to cure;

Seeing my eyes, they skipped out my sight.
Hearing my laughter, they missed out my tears.
They panic erratic disapproval, 
While I prevent eternal downfall.

Isn't it my providence to pray - 
And not others' chance to play?

I am mind-blowing, yet average;
I am 'average', yet a masterpiece;
Antithetical, aren't they?

What is left for the soul to dwell - 
When it is refrained from being real?

What makes the heart to still pound -
When it is actually numb and dead?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happiness - Redefined!

"Lovely guys" they called themselves, unaware of the fact that 'lovely' as an adjective wouldn't do justice to the awesome kids they were!
'Cool dude' Kamesh
 The 'charm kid' Manikandan 
The 'style champ' Nivel 
'Silent observer' Vijay Shanthi
'Ever Smiling' Jo
The 'strong kid' Preethi
The 'stunner boy' Praveen
The 'very outgoing' Shalini 
'Calm and composed' Jeyachitra 
were some of the adorable, well-mannered kids I met yesterday.
'Joy of giving' - it was rightly named! I gave them my time & attention; they gave me soul-felt contentment.

“Love is not patronising and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” 
Mother Teresa

Sunday, April 7, 2013

STOP BLAMING, Mr. High-class!

Mr. High-class was a dark, mid-aged, half-bald, obtusely bigoted man with at most rage against the security guard who prohibited him from parking his car outside the parlor OR the parlor owner who did not avow how 'influential' he was OR the country which failed to operate as systematically as the countries he had been to OR the society which was just not as sophisticated as the ones he had lived in OR what ever. Mr. High-class was way too clever by half to possess clarity.

The beauty parlour was all quiet and perfectly functioning on a fine Sunday, until he came. 

Then entered Mr. High-class, yelling at the top range of his voice.
"#&$*(+%^(@!#+~ How dare he not let me park my car (in the 'No Parking' zone)? #&$*(+%^(@!#+~  What kind of a trashy country is this?!  #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ I have stayed in ******* (other country) for 25 years (so?!) This country is absolutely useless. (of course! What more can be expected when it has meticulous people like you?! ) #&$*(+%^(@!#+~  #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ " and it continued.   
All that he could say was this country had been good-for-nothing, repeating himself. 
  • I was jolted at how civilised Mr. High-class from the 'sophisticated' society should have been, that he thought he made complete sense in spite of being totally moronic and making a fool of himself in public!
  • He did not project himself any higher by censuring the country, the people around, the system or for that matter the entire society. 
  • How duty bound was he as a citizen of the country that brought him up, let alone the country was being as hopeless as he mentioned? 
  • Ok, considering his viewpoint on the country and agreeing the country lacks a powerful system, isn't it also agreeable that he did not possess the authority to abuse the country that is striving to get better everyday, despite some anti-social elements like him?
  • What he was actually passing to people around was nothing but 'his own' nonsensical notions.
  • " 'Individual Responsibility' - *Appdina enna nu theriyuma? Do you have any idea how you make the kids around you think? " I was all set to fire back at him.
I, however, backed off at this thought "What if there are many other passive versions of 'Mr. High-class' around?!" 


*Swear words are replaced by #&$*(+%^(@!#+~ 
*Appdina ennanu theriyuma - Do you know what it means?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


சித்தம் நிறைந்த சர்வேஸ்வரா,
செவி மடுப்பாயோ..
இசைத்தேனே நாளும்ப்ரியை நான்
உருகு உருகிஎன் தீனனை!
கொள்ளை இன்பம் உன்னை  பாடியதிலோ?
உன்னை எண்ணியதிலே இறைவா.

திருவருள் தாராயோஎன் மாயனே!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A trip to remember. . .


1. You can freak out :)

2. You will be the way you want, because you won't care a damn about sounding insensible, being stupid, looking sloppy as there is always a worse picture of you in his mind to be glad about the present. :D   

3. You will rejoice at the undirected strolls you had at night time, unwilling to return home :)

4. You can sing La La La, in all scales you want, for you are certain that, come what may, it should cross your brother to reach you and you are always safe & secure in his hands :D

5. You will be caught napping when your brother is so busy doing all the household chores. :P

6. You can share your craziest ideas on varied topics ranging from *ulaga-makkal, *naattu nadappu, job, love, life, future, ...,..,..,..,.., history, geography :P and your revolutionary take on them :D

7. You can see your brother so ardently cooking '2 minutes Maggi noodles' and white rice for you. I'm quite certain it will make u go shamefaced if your attempts at making Maggi are still disastrous :D

8. You will be left conscience-stricken. 

says your inner self all time and you do absolutely NOTHING :D

9. He will now understand your negligence in detail and you will cry a ridiculous river when he chides you. :P

10. You will be in high gear to be independent and your brother just lets you go! Woohoo!!!! B-)

11. You will witness him be like a child in the sweetshop. The face of him you had never seen, or was probably known to you during childhood, but is a lost memory now. 

12. You will yearn to talk more but pause at the thought that he might stop conversing further. :|

13. You get to listen to his drowsy talks that reveal the hidden secrets about each other's lives. [Trust me. Catch hold of this moment. You can threaten him later :D]

14. You tend to fight a losing battle over all the utterly insignificant topics in the world :D 

15. You will feel 'home outside home' only with special people who truly care and see the kid in you next to your parents, like your brother! Sometimes, you just want to remain and don't feel like getting back home, at all ;)

16. Go for a race against time to live it up with your brother when he is still 'a bachelor' and you are still 'a spinster'. You will never get to realise the kinship and affinity for your sibling that is dormant otherwise.

17. You should feel the ardency and vivacity with siblings NOW for two reasons.

• Siblings are always siblings. You cannot recreate the magic with anyone else.
• Don't wait for tomorrow. It will never come.

18. You will learn to love your brother besides hating him for all the kid stuffs. :)


You are a loser ^_^

*Ulaga-makkal - People in the world
*Naattu nadappu - Current affairs

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