Saturday, October 27, 2012

What am I?

Some sighed; I smiled.
Some snickered; I ignored.
Few acclaimed, I bowed.
Few relished; I rejoiced.
But, what am I in real?
A phenomenon or just a garden-variety?
A super-talent or yet another customary mediocre?

I failed when I failed to pat myself on the back!
I won when I thought it was OK to fail!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A late night walk

Her hands never abandoned mine,
We took off after nine.

Her arms were my dearest armour,
Yet my deadliest fear!

 Some sweet bangs when I said no;
Some wide hee-haws when I said yes;

Simulating guts in the scary street,
Abounding ease with every meet

Our never-ending strolls -
Broke off only at 'pani-puri' stalls;

Giggling at every little something,
We were the hopeless best-thing!

Here I am today, far --
But what does the heart crave for?

That same late night walk with her, 

One more time!

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