Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love is ..

Love is ..
Idolatry - because it makes me worship Him!
Love is ..
Motherhood - because I tend to admire and comprehend a mother(my mother) better!
Love is ..
Madness - because I feel it's ok to be a freaky frenzied kiddo!
Love is ..
Contemplation - because now I know altruism.
Love is ..
Revival -  because I happen to love my friends & family even more.
Love is ..
Decorum - because my idea of romance overlooks lechery!
Love is ..
Hope !


V.K.Natarajan said...

Lovely. I may add a few more(Proverbs) relevant to this topic.
1)Faults are thick where love is thin.
2)Love cannot be compelled.
3)Follow love and it will flee thee, flee love and it will follow you
4)Love is never without jealousy
5)Love lasts as long as money endures.
"LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL" Om Sri Sairam.
uncle VKN.

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Agree with all but I am skeptical about 5th uncle.
I always thought it is love that *endures* :)

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