Saturday, June 30, 2012

The 'four' musketeers

It's been a year and a half. Life goes on, no matter what.

When I try to decipher the sense that it makes while saying 'a year and a half' , I'm apparently replenished by - my unreadiness for IT culture - the unheard of emotions - the circle of friendship that unfolded - the enduring flipside of me that I never knew existed - a series of inimitable memories flashing like a black and white slow paced movie - the hearts that made me cry, learn, grow, introspect - the way I became what I am today.

Why do I feel like my college days have come to an end when I didn't really feel so while I was walking out of my college campus?
Looking back at the time when I was just an inept new born out of college, I am left perplexed.
Should I thank my friends for being just there for me/with me all the time? or should I thank god for his brilliant strategem?

·  The vetti chit-chats
·  The leisurely walk during work hours ;) and work during break time :P
·  The lame jokes ( lol. The latest/lamest one - knows/Nose :D )
·  The hilarious run aways :P
·  The 'we are friends' love stories and solution finding
·  The 'No long break together' mails
·  The fight for food in the same plate
·  The all new language speaking skills
·  The 'otha sollala' drunken dancing :P
·  The non-stop story telling skills that I developed :)
·  The silly tantrum for chocolates :P
·  The 'dhandiyas' during lunch ;)
·  The mokkais that we used to get while trying to show off :D 
The compassion, the support, the pain, the truest of emotions. Damn! I miss the idiots. Here I am today with all the beautiful memories intact in my heart.

We were definitely the musketeers.


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