Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Callous killing of Journalists

*Speak the truth and leave immediately after*
Accolades to Republic India!

It was completely appalling to read about the outrageous murder of a freelance journalist Chandrika Rai and his family members including two teenage kids, on 18th February (Saturday) in Madhya Pradesh's Umaria distictA series of articles alleging the involvement of a local opposition party leader in illegal mining and his finger pointing towards the mafia active in the region was all the provocation for the ruthless slay. The saddest part is when the murder is attempted with a clear-cut motive which is conspicuous to the authorities, they still choose to be dumb and blind. I would say the cold-blooded atrocity is not the attempted murder, but emancipation of the accused. 

Looking back at the plight of journalists in India, Journalism had always been an audacious and resolute field meant for aspiring people who prefer conscience to their safety. Sad but true! "Ready for falling prey to injustice and corruption? Welcome"

Jyotirmoy Dey was one such victim who was dreadfully murdered by motorists with gunshots over his head and chest as a commendation for his daring coverage of Mumbai's crime world in 2011. Headed towards the right direction, aren't we?
A dozen men hacking him to death in 2000, Selvaraj, another victim, who was a famous biweekly magazine's reporter in Tamil Nadu suffered over 20 serious lacerations and was dead on the spot. 

Around 46 journalists all over the world were brutally murdered in 2011. Indian victims count alone goes up to 27 so far. With all the Blood-thirsty politics in India, Mark Twain’s saying can be rephrased this way

“Always tell the truth. This will gratify some people, astonish the rest and kill the follower”

Accolades to Republic India, absolutely righteous!

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