Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nuances of my living

My life lessons - My ray of thoughts - My own

  • The highest level of satisfaction comes when you become who you are. But when? Damn!
  • Strange world: People think you are an idiot when you are actually being great enough to listen to all their crap!
  • All set for a self exploration!
  • Never let others talk when you are not wrong.
  • I am never sluggish when it comes to planning my future. But don’t ask me the conclusion.
  • I am not as good as I wish to be. I am not as bad as you think either. This is me!
  • What a person is actually capable of, is always neglected when the clarity of thought and the dynamism in expression are missing.
  • I don’t know how I had been so dumb noticing none of the things or people around me! May be that was when I lived my life. Least bothered about anything!
  • Wistful memories of childhood: Want to get back to my school & do the studying again. It has become my substantial wish though I know, impossible.
  • Focused yet blurred.
  • A new day; A new start; All that I am longing for. Boredom is sickening!
  • I saw so many talents flaring on stage lately. I had the mixed feeling of inferiority & superiority. But at last, it was good. Mastering confidence matters.
  • At times I desperately say “cool down, stay calm” to myself only because I don’t want you or your stupid things to disturb me in any way. Mind You!
  • I have learnt that thinking about what I really want is definitely a great start to designing my own future.
  • Things started happening automatically when I took my first step towards it!
  • What is the thrill in being the same all over again? Where is the essence when your day to day activities are predefined?
  • Wondering when I will do something of my interest!
  • Understanding the consequence of carrying a fake smile everywhere. Yet, I dare enough to be composed and not flurried.
  • Desperately learning the art of making up things.
  • Day Dreaming: Wish my purpose of life doesn’t turn into dream.
  • I am too tired of being nice to everyone. Really tired.
  • When it comes to comfort why most people are not cared about others?
  • What is the use of letting everyone know when you cannot prove yourself?
  • I know who I am and I don’t need your **** about what I am!
  • Unnecessary tension caused by loose talks. I don’t know why I do this unnecessary talking at times.
  • Say ‘yes’ if you really can, or say ‘no’. Right now Stop Advising.
  • I am so busy doing all possible things to keep myself busy.
  • My bit of a philosophy today: What is meant to happen will happen!
  • Is it not enough if the wedding is neat instead of being exhibitionistic and messy?
  • I don't understand why people splurge so much money on marriages!
  • Never depend so much on something or someone; Nothing stays forever with us, except wisdom.
  • A person attains self enlightenment by learning from the experiences in life and gets wiser when he/she tries not to repeat the same mistake again.
  • When it comes to love, Mom is the word.

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