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[12 March,2010]

Birthday-Party time,Wishes,Fun,Treat,Chocolates,Cakes,Sweets,Dresses..................& for me,  it's FRIENDS:)
Well I'm least concerned about the things mentioned above, of course except the last one.:-)
I've already mentioned in one of my previous posts.Nothing more to add on how much I treasure or love them.
So what can I say about my birthday? It's my favourite day in the year, beyond any doubt :)
I usually spend the whole beautiful day with my friends and family. 
I've always wondered how else could a birthday be better celebrated!! 
Apparently there's only one way it could be bettered.

By spending time with the beautiful immaculate children in orphanages. I have always always loved doing it.:) Though I haven't been there on my birthdays:( ,I celebrated a New year's eve with them. An absolutely adorable day. :-) 

 Its not the matter of how many friends you have, or at least it doesn't matter to me. 
Some TRUE loving hearts are enough for a lifetime! 

That way I don't know if I am the best, but I have the BEST OF FRIENDS in my life, praying for me when I forget to do it myself.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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