Monday, February 1, 2010

Maa ...

Let my first post start with my poem or writing[Whatever :p] on the 'one' who first taught me how to write.
Yes, It is for my MOM.

This one was written by me way back, when I was in my 12th grade. 


My first love..!
You are the one..
The only one..Who first 
Cradled me with your warmth..
Caressed me with your tears..
The one..
Who made me-
Genuinely Cry for you..
Leaving me longing & craving 
For ur presence.
May be that's why I say..
You are my love -
Living in my every breath!
None can serve me like you..
None can save me like you..
For your loyalty is its speciality;
At times..Yes..I...I thought
You were just throwing words at me
But then I realised,
You are the foreteller of my pains & gains;
You are my saviour--sent by god
To care for me unconditionally;
You pretend to be unknown,
Only to make me 'renown'.
You are in my thought & action
You are in my soul
Starting & ending in me!
Proud to be your heart's poor tenant:
You are so liberal..
No wonder, that
Your courtesy stilled several;
Your true touch,
Your pleasing smile,
Your childlike gaze..
Words fail to express;
You are my goddess
Living with that Special love
Only for me!
Long Live!!


Sateesh said...

rarely ppl express their love on parents like this... its special.. How ur mom has read this one!

Sateesh said...

sorry.. damn many typo errors nowadays even in offc mails.... read the last line as "Hope ur mom has read this one!"

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Thank you Sateesh.
I didn't think it was necessary to show her this. :)
Keep visiting.

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