Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Whiling Away..

Hmmm, It’s been a week. Though again, I didn't do anything worth blogging, yet I wanted to.
On seeing few people, I have always wondered..
Oh god! How could one roam around so aimlessly?
How could one be so idle doing just nothing?
How could.. ?!!!!!
Haha Now I understand. lol :D

Well yeah inspite of being very sluggish,I spent some time really really worthwhile.:) Of course! Yup,I got a chance to watch '3 Idiots'.
Wow!! What a vivid movie!
The film moved me so tactfully. What a brilliant making on 'friendship'!
It so exquisitely pictures the unintentional split up between friends and their coming together after a gap.
Somethings which an engineering book cant teach us. By no means. :P 

3 idiots - smart as a whip.

Dedicate it to my close friends:)


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