Sunday, February 28, 2010

I me myself

At some point in life, it becomes indispensable that one should bid good bye to the favourite person or for that matter to certain well-liked things. And you do it, as that truly makes some sense.
I get frustrated upon so many things around me recently; Well, I know everybody does. But it stings when the closest person hurts you by all possible ways, more often by demeaning your affection towards him/her.

While some others irritate you by asking silly questions and demanding you to prove yourself. x( I reluctantly end up getting at the end of my tether at such situations. I dont like explaining myself to anybody or perhaps I don’t need to. :| Besides, understanding me is a potentially difficult task.

My question here is does a human really need to face these throbbing in life to get into a form?
I do give a thought about it most of the time. Though, eventually I would end up telling "of course, man!"

In reality, a person attains his/her true self only after going through everything that hurts the most and the deepest. I have never seen myself like this. Never before and never again! I'm now prepared to understand every little thing around me; To have a clear perception of what is happening in the world; Above all, to have a better interpretation of people. To sum it up all, I have learnt to live my life!

"No one can play my role better than me", undeniably. :)

It took twenty full years to attain this vision!

Mind clear as a crystal now.


Sateesh said...

hmmm... good resolution... Ya there will be a mix of thought likes dislikes during early 20s... like deciding on spiritualism or atheism... etc., many ppl will pull us towards us... there comes a thought why to life for others... Im am an Individual. Where it will go, the Individuality when I start following Others. Also, I play Individuality rather than Individualism. The most essential part is Interospection in one's self.

All the Best.

Thanks for visiting my blog.. I guess i hv heard ur voice a longgg ago in ur vocal blog (may be called a vlog!!??)...

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Well said Sateesh:)
'I'm an individual' and I do accentuate much on my individuality and introspection of late:)
Can see maturity in your comment:)
Thanx for ur time:)

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

Haha Yeah U did visit my Vlog[:P] long back Sateesh.

Jeya Anand said...

looking back at 2010.. reminds me of my mindset beack then ..

Padmini Priya Subramanian said...

:) musing over old golden memories is always bliss!

Thanks for dropping by @Jeya Anand.

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