Sunday, February 28, 2010

I me myself

At some point in life, it becomes indispensable that one should bid good bye to the favourite person or for that matter to certain well-liked things. And you do it, as that truly makes some sense.
I get frustrated upon so many things around me recently; Well, I know everybody does. But it stings when the closest person hurts you by all possible ways, more often by demeaning your affection towards him/her.

While some others irritate you by asking silly questions and demanding you to prove yourself. x( I reluctantly end up getting at the end of my tether at such situations. I dont like explaining myself to anybody or perhaps I don’t need to. :| Besides, understanding me is a potentially difficult task.

My question here is does a human really need to face these throbbing in life to get into a form?
I do give a thought about it most of the time. Though, eventually I would end up telling "of course, man!"

In reality, a person attains his/her true self only after going through everything that hurts the most and the deepest. I have never seen myself like this. Never before and never again! I'm now prepared to understand every little thing around me; To have a clear perception of what is happening in the world; Above all, to have a better interpretation of people. To sum it up all, I have learnt to live my life!

"No one can play my role better than me", undeniably. :)

It took twenty full years to attain this vision!

Mind clear as a crystal now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Whiling Away..

Hmmm, It’s been a week. Though again, I didn't do anything worth blogging, yet I wanted to.
On seeing few people, I have always wondered..
Oh god! How could one roam around so aimlessly?
How could one be so idle doing just nothing?
How could.. ?!!!!!
Haha Now I understand. lol :D

Well yeah inspite of being very sluggish,I spent some time really really worthwhile.:) Of course! Yup,I got a chance to watch '3 Idiots'.
Wow!! What a vivid movie!
The film moved me so tactfully. What a brilliant making on 'friendship'!
It so exquisitely pictures the unintentional split up between friends and their coming together after a gap.
Somethings which an engineering book cant teach us. By no means. :P 

3 idiots - smart as a whip.

Dedicate it to my close friends:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Dates back to 2006.

Words were sweeter than the sweetest
Time was faster than the fastest
Life was as beautiful as it could be
You made me laugh; You made me cry;
You flashed like a lightning everyday.
I saw life at its best.
All these carried on & on
Until I opened my eyes & realised - that it was all


Saturday, February 6, 2010


Everything needs a start..! Every new idea needs recognition! Very true, isn't it?

It has been my dream so far. Not any more though. Because, now I'm determined-- not to just stop with dreaming but work hard to attain it. May be, now I Know why I'm here today & where I should move on tomorrow...!
Put it clear, can I say I got a better viewpoint on life? Actually Yes, I can.:)

Yesterday was a very important day, indeed adding meaning to my life. It was a twenty year astounding DREAM COME TRUE :) A day for which I had been so earnestly waiting all through December (2009). So what next? I was all set for (what to say)... an exploration of me!
But, it’s true that unexpected things do happen in our lives; Hurdles appear all of a sudden; everything seems to take up different shape when you expect something else. 
Confused about what I'm trying to say? 

Well, Music is the zeal in my life; It had always been one of the most meaningful & alluring things around me; as I believe, it recoils an enduring person into an artist.
I had been waiting so patiently for the slightest possibility to prove what I am capable of. But when I took my first step, all that I had to face was only disappointment. To my shock, I caught a very bad cold and fever exactly when I wanted myself to be the most energetic! I was not at all contented with the way I performed even though I tried very hard to get over everything that was troubling me. However, I managed to give a decent rendition though not my best!
Yet, it is not the end, of course. :) It was certainly my 'BIG DAY' despite all the dissatisfaction.
And at that moment, I was left insecure longing for nothing else but a trace of support and encouragement from the people I truly treasure. And I'm grateful to god for having made me live with such few people in life.
One such good heart gave me hope to move on, quoting the following.

"Only a lucky person wins at the first attempt; a talented one wins only by learning at every stage to get beyond the obstacles"

Amazing na :) Yeah, this is what keeps me going!

Good day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maa ...

Let my first post start with my poem or writing[Whatever :p] on the 'one' who first taught me how to write.
Yes, It is for my MOM.

This one was written by me way back, when I was in my 12th grade. 


My first love..!
You are the one..
The only one..Who first 
Cradled me with your warmth..
Caressed me with your tears..
The one..
Who made me-
Genuinely Cry for you..
Leaving me longing & craving 
For ur presence.
May be that's why I say..
You are my love -
Living in my every breath!
None can serve me like you..
None can save me like you..
For your loyalty is its speciality;
At times..Yes..I...I thought
You were just throwing words at me
But then I realised,
You are the foreteller of my pains & gains;
You are my saviour--sent by god
To care for me unconditionally;
You pretend to be unknown,
Only to make me 'renown'.
You are in my thought & action
You are in my soul
Starting & ending in me!
Proud to be your heart's poor tenant:
You are so liberal..
No wonder, that
Your courtesy stilled several;
Your true touch,
Your pleasing smile,
Your childlike gaze..
Words fail to express;
You are my goddess
Living with that Special love
Only for me!
Long Live!!

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