Monday, November 29, 2010

My wonder dreams

Scientifically, A dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep, as wikipedia says.

Well, I have always been driven towards sleeping, may be because of the exhilarating animated dreams I get, which are either meaningless or a signification of what had occurred/what might occur/what I wish deep inside the heart. If 'dream' can have a replacement word, then I would call it wonder! May be that's why Inception left a pretty good impact on me.
However there are certain things that I can’t comprehend when it comes to dreaming.

Why do I dream about the long buried past, that no longer exist/happen? 
What do they indicate?
If something is not meant to happen, then what is the necessity for it to happen in the dream alone?  
If 'it' is totally out of my mind before ages, then what does the reflection of 'it' in my dream suppose to mean? 
Most of all, why do we dream? (Beyond the scientific reasons)

Despite all the questioning, I can’t refute that it’s ecstatic to see myself as an absolutely exotic personality. Though, funny at times. No matter what, Dreams are the signpost of the heart, reinstating the desires of my soul & I am loving my dreamland, completely!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now or Never

Chase your dreams
Love yourself
Ascertain who you are
Say what you long hesitated to
Smile wholeheartedly
Identify the best person in you
Confront the ones that once daunted you
Because at the end of the day,
It is either now or never!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Wistful Expedition!!

Its a long day! 
Hate the machine life I'm into. 
While it is one thing for some people to choose 'it' of their own accord, it is the wholly other thing for me to be wretched to being a... Errr, Whatever! :P

[Its time for 'A swift travel' from reality]
Yiippiiieee :) :)
Just discovered something absolutely delicious to all my senses. (:


*Wearing the 'MY' kinda apparels; Pants or skirt-None to restrict B)


*Walking the way I like (Who cares abt tripping :P, Its My World!!)

*Talking bla bla.. NON STOP! ;D

*Whistling strange sounds ALL DAY (No more giving ear to mom's yelling :P)

 *Singing the song of ma heart ALOUD! La La La :))

Oops! Break time's up!! :(
[Back to the 'tedium' - work]


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010



How Simple..
How Wise..
How Beautiful..
How Healthy..
How Tangible &
How complete!

I'm glad that latterly I understand[Oh my! I really mean, I understand :)] this 'genuine' attribute - 'Forgiveness'.
Falsity,Exploitation,Rage,Perfidy,Deceit and avenge are ALL around.
My perspective here is- 
Why not let them all JUST BE AROUND? 
Why take them in and agonise?
"மன்னிப்போம் மறப்போம்" - Trust me, this is amazing!
I realise getting lighter & lighter everyday yet stronger.
Forgive & Forget, It's not really late.
No complications at all. :) B)

"Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense” 
- Robert Frost

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Binge-Drinking-Highly Hazardous

A new study has claimed that 'binge-drinking' by teenagers may increase their risk of developing 'Osteoporosis' besides other long-lasting health hazards. Binge-drinking is defined as a woman having at least four drinks or a man having at least five drinks on one occasion. Heavy binge-drinkers can consume 10-15 drinks. The habit typically begins around age 13 and peaks between 18 and 22, before gradually decreasing.

The study was conducted on rats at Loyola University Health System, Chicago. The report says heavy drinking disrupts hundreds of genes involved in bone formation, leading to future osteoporosis and bone fractures.
"Lifestyle-related damage done to the skeleton during young adulthood may have repercussions lasting decades", said the researchers in the journal 'Alcohol and Alcoholism'. Lead Researcher John Callaci said although data from animals don't directly translate to people,"the findings certainly suggest that this could be a problem with humans".
Bone mass is lost through out the adult life as part of the ageing process. Thus, anything that inhibits the build up of bone mass during the critical years of adolescence and young adult-hood could increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in later life, the scientists said.

So People, SAY NO TO ALCOHOL as much as you can; 
May you live long with sound health!

Courtesy: The Times Of India dated 14 July,2010.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A happy start

How many days of craving?!
How many days of restlessness?!
How many days of lamenting?!
How many days of toiling?!

All the above had a happy ending on 4th July =) The very name of the company that recruited me sounds so vitalising to me now! Never dreamt of getting into one of the world's best company in my first attempt through off campus. Aptitude, GD, HR and Technical rounds! Seemed like four big oceans. This simple thing 'job' gave me so much of stress and depression in the past 4 months. Somehow I'm out of it all now:) Thanks to all my friends and well wishers who helped and prayed for me at the right time.

Yippiiiiee :)

The whole week was so exciting. Sleepless nights of preparation for the interview followed by the selection. Certain mind boggling moments, I can never forget.
Not just this. I saw so many awe-inspiring talents right in front of my eyes. 'Airtel Super Singer'! I never really had any interest towards the program. Besides, I was too busy with the placement preparation [though an 'over night last minute preparation' as usual :P ] that I hardly got any time to boost up for the competition. Beyond that, as always, my nervousness and stage fright spoiled everything again[Something that is not new to me:( ] But then,Woww!! Almost everyone sang so beautifully; Professionalism flashing in every one's voice. Music was a passion for every other person there. It was kinda good to be surrounded by the exhilarating voices.

It's a must mention that Unni Menon sir was so affable though I couldn't make it this time.
I have gained a lot of energy and vigour after seeing a huge crowd of 3200 people, everyone waiting so eagerly to grab a job and almost 1500 enthusiasts for singing. I'm sure of one thing. Whatever may be a person's grade, it is not, rather it can never be attained just like that. Everything has a solid amount of backbreaking hard work and determination behind it; Of course, an immediate tremendous kick-start must!

Well, HERE I GO!! B-)
[14/07/10] P.S: Gosh! I wonder how I forgot to mention the most interesting and the loveliest part of 4th :)
When I came out of the college auditorium after the results being announced officially, I was astounded to see my family waiting in the college entrance. I didn't wait to hug my mom and demand a kiss back from her :), While my brother and father were giving a proud smile. Only then I realised it was the perfect ambiance I had been raring for!
So what next, I dropped into the temple and conveyed my heartfelt thanks to every god there, though the heart was overwhelming with the presence and wishes of my late grand pa :)

What could I say?! The day was awesome though tiring.
And it didn't stop with that. I was so tired when I came home; But the avidity in my friends' faces who came home just for me, enlivened me :) Everyone was so happy- happier than I was! :) I was awestruck to see the reflection of their joy in their eyes; After all, it was all that I [and in turn they ;)] have been longing for.
Later, we decided to move on to the terrace of my apartments, as it was the best spot for us to speak.

Not defying another surprise, I was dazed with ecstasy to see my family and the rest of my friends waiting for me with a cake there. Wow Wow Wow! I mean the moment which was delicious [Of course, the cake too :P lol ].
They made my evening! :") And the day ended with hugs & kisses from all my loved ones.

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired", certainly :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

வேண்டாம் நீ எனக்கு - I don't need you

உடனே போ!

என்னை விடுத்து போ!
வேண்டாம் நீ எனக்கு.
என்னை வருந்தச் செய்கிறாய் நீ-
என்னுள் இருந்து துன்புறுத்துகிறாய்
உலகை மறைத்து நிற்கிறாய்!
வேண்டாம் நீ எனக்கு.
ஏதும் அறியவில்லையா நீ?
என்னை நீ பிரிந்து செல்வதில் தான் இன்பம் எனக்கு
 நீ என்னை முழுமையாக பிரிவதோ சாத்தியமும் இல்லை!!
வேண்டாம் நீ எனக்கு.
என்னை மீழ இயலாத் துன்பத்தில் ஆற்றுகிறாய்
தாள இயலாத் துயரத்தில் இருந்து மீட்கவும் செய்கிறாய்
துன்பத்தில் நீஇன்பத்திலும் நீ!
எப்பொழுதிலும் என்னுடன் நீ!
என்ன இருப்பினும்,
வேண்டாம் நீ எனக்கு.

~என் 'கண்ணீரை'ப்  பார்த்து அழுது கொண்டே கூறின ..
 என் "கண்கள்"~


Go now!

Leave me and go!
I don't need you.
You make me suffer-
Distressing me from within
Hiding the world in front of me!
I don't need you.
Don't you just know?
In your departure lies my euphoria!
You cannot completely abandon me, Can you?
I don't need you.
You put me through a bit much blues
And save me from the same.
You crop up with my sorrow! Pop up with my joy!
Invariably with me!

Whatever it is,
I don't need you.
~Cried: My 'Eyes' to my 'Tears'~


Friday, June 25, 2010

Gone is Gone........ Forever!

The Prodigious personality,
The Bold gesture,
The Caressing words,
The Witty intellect,
The Tongue in cheek pranks,
All these describe HIM--The exceptional soul!
The Eleventh hour spent with HIM constantly disrupting my heart,
HIS cry of pain reverberating in my ears!
Not even in the weirdest of my dreams I thought--
I would lose HIM in front of my eyes.
He's gone............Forever! :(
And there's no point in weeping for it now
As I've learnt to survive
With the cherished, fond memories of my Grand pa--
My 'most precious treasure' out there in heaven!!

- Dated back to June 7th, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forever & Ever

Everything appears to be
Clear, yet really hazy!
Simple, yet so tormenting!
Silly, yet actually sensible!
Is 'this' the real ME or Was 'that' ME?
I swear even though I lie- 
I get back although obstinate!
I relish this colloquy..I dwell in this laughter;
I treasure every little observation
I don't know why 
I'm ..
So happy inspite of the cascading tears
So calm despite the angry nerves!!
In the air,
I blow a 'Sincere' Thanks.
Now 'What next..?!' --Seems to be 
The world's most terrifying question;

Wish I could hold on Forever... & Ever... !!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


[12 March,2010]

Birthday-Party time,Wishes,Fun,Treat,Chocolates,Cakes,Sweets,Dresses..................& for me,  it's FRIENDS:)
Well I'm least concerned about the things mentioned above, of course except the last one.:-)
I've already mentioned in one of my previous posts.Nothing more to add on how much I treasure or love them.
So what can I say about my birthday? It's my favourite day in the year, beyond any doubt :)
I usually spend the whole beautiful day with my friends and family. 
I've always wondered how else could a birthday be better celebrated!! 
Apparently there's only one way it could be bettered.

By spending time with the beautiful immaculate children in orphanages. I have always always loved doing it.:) Though I haven't been there on my birthdays:( ,I celebrated a New year's eve with them. An absolutely adorable day. :-) 

 Its not the matter of how many friends you have, or at least it doesn't matter to me. 
Some TRUE loving hearts are enough for a lifetime! 

That way I don't know if I am the best, but I have the BEST OF FRIENDS in my life, praying for me when I forget to do it myself.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I me myself

At some point in life, it becomes indispensable that one should bid good bye to the favourite person or for that matter to certain well-liked things. And you do it, as that truly makes some sense.
I get frustrated upon so many things around me recently; Well, I know everybody does. But it stings when the closest person hurts you by all possible ways, more often by demeaning your affection towards him/her.

While some others irritate you by asking silly questions and demanding you to prove yourself. x( I reluctantly end up getting at the end of my tether at such situations. I dont like explaining myself to anybody or perhaps I don’t need to. :| Besides, understanding me is a potentially difficult task.

My question here is does a human really need to face these throbbing in life to get into a form?
I do give a thought about it most of the time. Though, eventually I would end up telling "of course, man!"

In reality, a person attains his/her true self only after going through everything that hurts the most and the deepest. I have never seen myself like this. Never before and never again! I'm now prepared to understand every little thing around me; To have a clear perception of what is happening in the world; Above all, to have a better interpretation of people. To sum it up all, I have learnt to live my life!

"No one can play my role better than me", undeniably. :)

It took twenty full years to attain this vision!

Mind clear as a crystal now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Whiling Away..

Hmmm, It’s been a week. Though again, I didn't do anything worth blogging, yet I wanted to.
On seeing few people, I have always wondered..
Oh god! How could one roam around so aimlessly?
How could one be so idle doing just nothing?
How could.. ?!!!!!
Haha Now I understand. lol :D

Well yeah inspite of being very sluggish,I spent some time really really worthwhile.:) Of course! Yup,I got a chance to watch '3 Idiots'.
Wow!! What a vivid movie!
The film moved me so tactfully. What a brilliant making on 'friendship'!
It so exquisitely pictures the unintentional split up between friends and their coming together after a gap.
Somethings which an engineering book cant teach us. By no means. :P 

3 idiots - smart as a whip.

Dedicate it to my close friends:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Dates back to 2006.

Words were sweeter than the sweetest
Time was faster than the fastest
Life was as beautiful as it could be
You made me laugh; You made me cry;
You flashed like a lightning everyday.
I saw life at its best.
All these carried on & on
Until I opened my eyes & realised - that it was all


Saturday, February 6, 2010


Everything needs a start..! Every new idea needs recognition! Very true, isn't it?

It has been my dream so far. Not any more though. Because, now I'm determined-- not to just stop with dreaming but work hard to attain it. May be, now I Know why I'm here today & where I should move on tomorrow...!
Put it clear, can I say I got a better viewpoint on life? Actually Yes, I can.:)

Yesterday was a very important day, indeed adding meaning to my life. It was a twenty year astounding DREAM COME TRUE :) A day for which I had been so earnestly waiting all through December (2009). So what next? I was all set for (what to say)... an exploration of me!
But, it’s true that unexpected things do happen in our lives; Hurdles appear all of a sudden; everything seems to take up different shape when you expect something else. 
Confused about what I'm trying to say? 

Well, Music is the zeal in my life; It had always been one of the most meaningful & alluring things around me; as I believe, it recoils an enduring person into an artist.
I had been waiting so patiently for the slightest possibility to prove what I am capable of. But when I took my first step, all that I had to face was only disappointment. To my shock, I caught a very bad cold and fever exactly when I wanted myself to be the most energetic! I was not at all contented with the way I performed even though I tried very hard to get over everything that was troubling me. However, I managed to give a decent rendition though not my best!
Yet, it is not the end, of course. :) It was certainly my 'BIG DAY' despite all the dissatisfaction.
And at that moment, I was left insecure longing for nothing else but a trace of support and encouragement from the people I truly treasure. And I'm grateful to god for having made me live with such few people in life.
One such good heart gave me hope to move on, quoting the following.

"Only a lucky person wins at the first attempt; a talented one wins only by learning at every stage to get beyond the obstacles"

Amazing na :) Yeah, this is what keeps me going!

Good day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maa ...

Let my first post start with my poem or writing[Whatever :p] on the 'one' who first taught me how to write.
Yes, It is for my MOM.

This one was written by me way back, when I was in my 12th grade. 


My first love..!
You are the one..
The only one..Who first 
Cradled me with your warmth..
Caressed me with your tears..
The one..
Who made me-
Genuinely Cry for you..
Leaving me longing & craving 
For ur presence.
May be that's why I say..
You are my love -
Living in my every breath!
None can serve me like you..
None can save me like you..
For your loyalty is its speciality;
At times..Yes..I...I thought
You were just throwing words at me
But then I realised,
You are the foreteller of my pains & gains;
You are my saviour--sent by god
To care for me unconditionally;
You pretend to be unknown,
Only to make me 'renown'.
You are in my thought & action
You are in my soul
Starting & ending in me!
Proud to be your heart's poor tenant:
You are so liberal..
No wonder, that
Your courtesy stilled several;
Your true touch,
Your pleasing smile,
Your childlike gaze..
Words fail to express;
You are my goddess
Living with that Special love
Only for me!
Long Live!!

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